Kitchen remodeling inspiration

A kitchen remodel really increases the value of your home.

But that’s not why most people do it. A kitchen remodel is really about making the whole house work better for you, with better spaces for cooking, storing, eating and talking.

Part of the fun is gathering ideas that make your kitchen match your lifestyle. Of course these include the big decisions like layout, cabinetry, and appliances—these improvements make an  amazing difference and contribute to the overall look of the room.

Even small details, however can make a huge positive impact too. Something as simple as a deeper sink can save time on cleanup every single day, or make hosting large groups easier.

Here are a few of the nice touches our recent clients have used to upgrade their kitchens:

● Built-in chalkboards and other organizing tools

● Large cabinet spaces for bigger countertop appliances and storage

● Under-cabinet lighting that’s practical and looks great

● A butler station with a small second fridge, for beverages from water to wine

● Central islands that include a cooktop or steam oven

● Double islands for more workspace and seating

● Large windows for more light and a better view for indoor outdoor entertaining

Whether your kitchen needs to serve as a quiet oasis or is the activity hub of a busy family—or both—we can help you find the right options to make it work better for you.