Buildable Plans

Building plans for homeowners and contractors

Download a sample building plan

It is essential that building plans are really “buildable”. For a homeowner that means the plan can be built on time and budget. For the contractor that means reliable plans that can allow them to focus on their craft and provide the homeowner with the best possible outcome. At GMT Home Designs our plans are buildable and that is why we have the trust of our clients and building partners. We can help guide you through the entire process from design through build to ensure you achieve and exceed your goals for your project.

See it in 3D or Virtual Reality

Our 3d renderings allow you to see your project in lifelike detail before a single nail is hammered. Some things to consider before plans are drawn:

It is important to determine a set of essential requirements for your new/remodeled home. Taking the time to analyze and put your requirements in writing will allow you to be better equipped to answer the question, “What are you looking for in your new home?” Often our clients look to GMT to provide some examples of the kinds of options that are available, things you might not have even considered. This process can be really enjoyable and fun as you imagine the ideal living space for yourself and your family.


In determining the budget for your new home, you will want to consider not only the building but also the contents of the house. For example, will you need new appliances? Furniture? What sort of fixtures do you want in the master bathroom? The number of people who will live in the home? All of these items will need to be considered. If you have a limited budget, you may need to build a smaller house, or buy less for the inside in the beginning.

This enables you to determine the necessary number of bedrooms, bathrooms, the size of the living, dining, and kitchen areas and even the amount of storage space that will need to be included in the home plans.

Individual living spaces


The kitchen is a central gathering place for many families, so it very important to consider your family's cooking and eating needs when selecting a design for your house. You may want to determine the amount of surface space, cabinet space and the size of the appliances you intend to place in your new kitchen.

Additionally, you may want to think about where your family eats. Do you prefer a large formal dining area and an eat in island kitchen with island? Or do you prefer a quiet, sunny breakfast nook where you can spend your mornings reading the newspaper or working on your laptop?

Master Bedroom Suites

The master bedroom is typically an essential place for privacy and relaxation. What are the most critical features for your space?  Enlarged shower? Sitting Area? Specialty lighting? Smart technology for TV, music and internet? Taking the time to think through what your desires are for this space will help you get the most for your budget as well as create a space that can incorporate additional elements when the budget allows.

Finished Basement

It is often the case that the basement can be finished less expensively when done in conjunction with building the house or remodeling other areas. Think about how this space might be use:. A home theatre, kids retreat, man cave, fitness space.

The bottom line is the greater the clarity of your vision the greater the opportunity to have a home that really suits your lifestyle, desires and budget.

Proposed front (top) and rear (bottom) renderings