Sustainable Design

Green building for efficiency, sustainability and health

More and more homeowners are interested in the financial and environmental benefits of eco-friendly and sustainable building practices. Whether you're looking to make some small meaningful steps forward or go completely green, GMT Home Designs has the expertise to help guide you through the process.

What is green building?

Design and construction practices that meet specified standards, resolving much of the negative impact of buildings on their occupants and on the environment.

GMT Home Designs can help you make the best choices for your project in the areas of:

  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Energy
  • Site Planning
  • Water Management
  • Material Use

Benefits of Green Building

Green building has multiple direct environmental and economic benefits to homeowners and to society as a whole. Some of these benefits include:

  • Increasing demand for recycled content building products creates markets for the materials collected in municipal recycling programs.
  • Reducing and recycling construction wastes has a beneficial impact on the environment, the homeowner, the local municipality, and those who might benefit from materials donations.
  • Recycling construction waste is often less expensive than disposal.
  • Massachusetts residents can realize monthly utility savings by making their homes more energy efficient.
  • The use of onsite electricity generation, via photo-voltaic cells or other methods, saves you money, reduces air- pollution, and reduces the state’s dependence on out-of-state power generation.
  • Using low-flow water fixtures and reducing the amount of landscape can reduce water demand, and save money for homeowners who live in areas with water meters.
  • Cities that embrace green building can reduce the impacts on their infrastructure, including roads, water treatment, and storm water run-off.
  • Reducing water consumption also saves electricity used to pump water to consumers.