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Architectural Design

Whether you are a homeowner or contractor, residential or light commercial, the services, expertise, and technology you’re looking for are here at GMT Home Designs.

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Buildable Home Plans

We execute our design work using Chief Architect, a powerful home design software program, which allows us to create detailed custom plans and blueprints with complete materials lists.

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3D Rendering and Virtual Reality

Your customized concepts are turned into realistic 3D renderings with our state-of-the-art design process. Experience your space with true scale and detail using the latest technology in virtual reality.

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Sustainable Design

Design and construction practices that meet specified standards, resolving much of the negative impact of buildings on their occupants and on the environment.

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The Design Process

Approached with enthusiasm, confidence, imagination, teamwork, and a sense of humor, a building project can be a wonderful creative experience.

Problem Definition

The first stage is to define as clearly as possible your needs as well as any problems the project is to address. We’ll begin to develop criteria for judging the design. You’ll find that it helps to separate the definition of the problem from the solution.



Once we have a good start on defining the problem, we can begin the design work. The first step is to work out the general size, shape, and location of the major elements. Our team will then spend some time working out one or more alternatives, then meet with our client to review the work.


Construction Costs

Having a clear understanding from the outset as to what the financial investment range will be helps keep the design phase in alignment with the financial investment involved.

Award Winning Kitchen Remodel
Award Winning Kitchen Remodel

A beautiful transitional kitchen design with loads of great features. From the custom cabinets to the gorgeous backsplash tile this kitchen inspires!

Award Winning Whole House Remodel

This was an exciting project with tremendous results. The project included a complete remodel of the facade, kitchen, baths, and living areas. A gorgeous outdoor space including firepit and basketball court makes the outside as beautiful as the inside.

Whole House Remodel